Miss Marionette (digital_crimson) wrote in lunar_clique,
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[[ special special ]]

in inspiration of their upcoming show! . . .

i know its purple hair.
oh well ;D
what do you guys think?
and Who's going to the SHOW ont he 9th @ the Roxy?

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I've told you before, but I'll be there!
p.s. add me.
by the way, it's me danny.
I'll be there of course. Danny's a great guy. [Can't wait to see you Danny! - Miguel's going too, right?] It's going to be cool having you finally join our LC live clique*, Caroline. Lunarclick fans in hollywood are seriously the best group. It's like a huge family. ^^
i'm so excited :]] thanks for welcoming. . i have no doubts about the lc* 'family'. i cant wait to FINALLY meet EVERYONE since 2002, when i joined the boards. oh and dont worry i have your ticket :D <3
haha iwas just about to ask you about the extra ticket for my friend. SAVE it. <333
we already agreed i'd save you one, don't freak out lol. :D